What is CB2?
CB2 is a retail home
furnishing brand that has
modernist, eclectic
furniture and homewares,
and is geared towards a
creative, professional
CB2 wants to bring more foot traffic to the Collaborations Page on their site with the ultimate goal is to increase sales from Collaborations
CB2 creates collections with different collaborators that are featured on the Collaborations section of their site. Each collaboration has its own unique page, some contain more information on the collection and collaborator contained in a Lookbook section of the page.
UX/UI Designer, User Researcher

2 Week Sprint - January 2022

Anna Allen, Josie Robinson, Alex Cha
After conducting (7) User Interviews and (7) Contextual Inquiries we found the pain point was the difficulty users had navigating to and within the Collaborations section; therefore, we needed to increase accessibility and visibility to and within the Collaborations section. In order to do this, we added a banner at the top of the Landing Page that showcased the Featured CB2 Collaborator of the month and navigation to the Collaborations page.
We added 3 Navigational features to the Product Profile Page that allow users to access the Collaboration Page from which it’s featured on, making it easier for users to browse other products from the same collection.
From our research, we noticed that user’s experiences were negatively impacted by lack of consistency when viewing different Collaborator Pages
Here are 3 different Collaborator's Pages
In response to the inconsistent Collaborator Pages, we created a Collaborator Template. When a user navigates to one of the Collaborator Pages, they are brought to the Shop section which has easy access to all of the products within the collection. Users can learn more about the collection and view content showcasing featured products in a lifestyle setting by switching to the Lookbook section of the page.
Based off of user suggested features collected during User Testing, I created a hover feature that allows users to identify and access products displayed in the Lookbook section, as well as access other products within the same collection.

View Hover Feature Prototype