Catalis Design System

Organized and rebranded over 30 public sector software companies' software and payment solutions with an efficient and flexible Design System to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Government SaaS
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Creating & Implementing the
Catalis Design System

Powerful Designs for Powerful Growth

Flexible White-Label Design that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency in order to enhance adaptability, scalability, and accessibility

Update Flows and Prototypes in an instant

Hosted Checkout Services Design

An intuitive checkout experience, customized for every brand

Configurable components that can be customized in the Administrator Portal

Fully Responsive Designs that include an iFrame option for Catalis clients that opt out of redirection when checking out

Scheduled Payment Options

Configurable Scheduled, Recurring, and Automated payment options for every kind of Client

Administrative Portal Design

3 Tier Administrative Ecosystem, seamlessly integrated to meet the needs of each user

Complex requirements with intuitive solutions for Client and Merchant Management, Payment Processing, Configurable Customization and more

IRS iOS App Design

An iOS app for Revenue Officers to use while conducting in-person collections

Who is Catalis?
One of North America’s leading Government Software as a Service and integrated payments provider, powering municipal, county, state, and federal governments


Catalis acquired and combined more than 30 public sector software companies, this growth required a new way to organize and brand their software & payments solutions

Design System

Adapting the tested, open-source component library of MUI, ensured usability and an efficient design and development process for a flexible Design System

Admin Portal

Customization with the click of a button, with three tiers of administrative configuration

Hosted Checkout


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